What’s holding back virtualization?

A recent survey by Red Hat finds that virtualization is appealing to companies for many reasons. But one thing that’s not winning them over is the cost it takes to adopt the technology. 

That doesn’t mean that they don’t see virtualization as an appealing option. According to those surveyed, virtualized infrastructure is set to grow by 18%, and virtual workloads are set to increase about 20% over the next two years.

The survey also found that goals for virtualized workloads in the next two years included websites (73%), web application servers (70%) and databases (67%).

The reasons: faster server provisioning (55%), cost effectiveness (49%) and server consolidation (47%).

The downside

Of course it’s not always easy to adopt new technology, no matter the promised benefits. For nearly 40% of respondents, budgets were a serious concern that prevented or slowed virtualization. The long-term cost/benefit may work out in virtualization’s favor, but that doesn’t make it an easy sell to IT pros or their supervisors.

Also working against it is the variety of choices. Rather than virtualizing, many have chosen to use private cloud (60%) or containerization (41%) for the next two years.

No matter your current situation, it’s worth exploring a variety of options. And an important part of that is examining the whole picture, not just short-term costs or long-term savings.

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