What’s holding back virtualization?

A recent survey by Red Hat finds that virtualization is appealing to companies for many reasons. But one thing that’s not winning them over is the cost it takes to adopt the technology. 

VDI: What’s in your office?

Virtualization has been around for a good while, but it hasn’t caught on everywhere yet. Here’s where companies stand with the technology – and insight into what they’re running it on. 

3 security risks of virtualization and what IT can do

More small businesses are relying on virtual servers and desktops to help cut costs and improve the IT infrastructure. Are they prepared for the potential security risks of virtualization? 

Are you ready for the end of Windows XP support?

There’s now less than one year before Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows XP support. And by the look of it, many companies could be open to serious security risks when it happens. 

IT managers’ top 5 priorities for 2013

IT’s priorities haven’t changed much over the past few years, but they have evolved based on new trends and developments. Here’s some advice for IT managers to help overcome their organization’s top tech challenges for this year. 

4 power challenges created by server virtualization

Server virtualization offers many benefits, including the ability to cut power consumption by requiring fewer physical machines. However, virtualizing does introduce new power challenges, as data center expert Mathew Snover describes in this guest post. ____________________________________________________________ Virtualization is used in a lot of computing environments today, thanks to its benefits ranging from reduced hardware costs to […]

Software licensing and virtualization: 3 steps to minimize the risks

The benefits of virtualization are well documented. Still, there are some challenges – not the least of which is complying with software licensing rules. In virtualized computing environments, it’s easy for companies to purchase too many licenses, not enough, or the wrong type – in any case, noncompliance can cost organizations big bucks if they’re […]

Virtualization, cloud help with backups and disaster recovery planning

Many small businesses struggle with backing up data and preparing their IT systems for disasters. But emerging technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing are proving to be a big help. 

7 cases where virtualization does more harm than good

Virtualization has been a lifesaver for many IT departments, helping them cut costs and boost efficiency. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution in every situation. 

Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization & Cloud Storage: Connect the Dots

The IT landscape is changing rapidly. The field’s moving away from the traditional one server/one application model toward virtualization, a new one server/multiple applications model that’s a much more efficient way of doing things. The massive amounts of data generated by mobile consumer devices and widespread Internet access, along with the arrival of electronic health […]