6 keys for more successful IT security training

When using company computers, most users don’t think twice about online security. But if companies don’t change that mindset, they may leave themselves open to security attacks. 

A successful security training program helps users recognize possible threats and vulnerabilities and respond to them appropriately, as well as ensuring that users have an individual responsibility and understanding to comply with the policies in place.

Here are some steps IT can take to make its security training more effective, and to hopefully prevent security incidents from happening in the future:

  1. Gain C-level Support. Having support from executives right from the beginning will make it much easier to implement the security awareness program around the organization. If executives support the program, then many users will support it as well.
  2. Measure your progress. Seeing the effects of awareness efforts will prove that they have made a difference. Surveying attitudes or examining the number of security incidents can show results worth noting.
  3. Keep users up to date. Describing security awareness in an email once every other week will keep users in the know about the latest threats.
  4. Give users manageable training. Interactive sessions on the computer or online quizzes are the perfect way to ensure users become knowledgeable. They can complete sections at their own pace and learn new topics weekly.
  5. Focus on quality not quantity. The key to users knowing the information is weaving it into their everyday work. Interacting with the information a few times a week will help them become familiar with it and the repetitiveness will make it hard to forget.
  6. Teach the users, don’t scare them. A lot of the security awareness information can seem frightening. Teaching users this information rather than trying to scare them with the possibilities of what could happen will be more effective.

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