13-year study reveals best method for training users

Did you know a lot of your IT peers are training their users on security all wrong?

3 ways to get executives on board with security training

IT pros know the drill: Offering security training for end users is critical because it’s often their mistakes that lead to data breaches. But too often, companies don’t focus their security awareness efforts where it has the biggest impact: 

Are you really getting your money’s worth with trainers?

End user training is important, no doubt. It can keep users compliant, safe and, with any luck, cut down on the number and frequency of help desk requests. Unfortunately, IT just doesn’t always have the time and resources to devote to it. 

5 ways your company’s executives put data at risk

Getting regular employees to obey IT’s security policies is tough enough. But things get even more difficult when dealing with executives – who, as it turns out, are making plenty of security mistakes on their own. 

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All IT managers likely believe their company’s information security could be improved, but budget issues often get in the way. However, here are some affordable steps companies can take now. 

6 keys for more successful IT security training

When using company computers, most users don’t think twice about online security. But if companies don’t change that mindset, they may leave themselves open to security attacks. 

Study shows the limits of IT security training

IT security training is a critical layer in any company’s plan to protect data – but new research shows that even highly trained users are susceptible to hackers’ new sophisticated attacks.

How companies help cyber criminals conduct phishing attacks

Companies are increasingly being targeted by sophisticated spear phishing attacks that trick members of a chosen organization into downloading malware or surrendering sensitive data. And many businesses are helping criminals succeed. 

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Often the hardest part about overhauling an organization’s IT security program is knowing where to begin. In this guest post, security pro Ryan Halstead has some advice on getting started. 

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Most companies are confident their information is secure, but in reality, the data shows most organizations are struggling to deal with emerging IT security threats.