Got ransomware? You’re likely to be attacked again … and again

When it comes to striking twice, ransomware isn’t like lightning. In fact, half of ransomware victims report they’ve been hit multiple times by attacks.

Dorva, a security firm, surveyed 832 IT pros in its Annual Ransomware Report to discover trends in hackers’ recent targets.

Servers primed for attacks

What Dorva found is that, no matter the size of the business, ransomware is a prevalent problem and concern for IT pros.

And it’s not just previous victims who are seeing an increase in attacks.

Eighty-two percent of your peers say they’re seeing more attacks and feel the threat of ransomware is more prevalent than ever before. When it comes to any attack, early detection is key to successfully preventing and/or recovering from damage. But 40% of the time, more than two hours had passed before IT was aware of any problem.

About 33% of the targets of these attacks have been corporate servers. And when they go down businesses feel the hurt, especially if they aren’t prepared for recovery.

A few factors Dorva found that made some servers prime targets for hackers were:

  • improperly secured settings after a cloud migration (native cloud servers were far less likely to be targeted), and
  • outdated servers.

For protection, there is no easy front line solution. You can look to the cloud to host recovery files, if you haven’t already, and make sure you have offline physical backups.

And don’t pay the ransom. Dorva researchers said it’s less reliable and usually a huge waste of money.

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