Got ransomware? You’re likely to be attacked again … and again

When it comes to striking twice, ransomware isn’t like lightning.

Hacked corporate servers selling for as little as $6 a pop

Reminder: Check your security settings on your server now before it’s too late.

Heartbleed’s coming for your servers: Protect yourself

The Heartbleed bug made the jump from technology news sites to major media outlets incredibly quickly. The standard advice was for users to change passwords on sites they care about and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. But now there’s some alarming news for IT pros: Servers are also at risk. 

Want a secure server? Get ready to open your wallet

A change to HP’s policies could have IT pros seeing red – and forking over some green – in order to keep systems secure and up to date. 

Bare metal servers: What are they and how are they used?

There are many different options for cloud computing services. In this guest post, Emily Miller discusses the advantages of one type of cloud deployment, bare metal servers. 

3 keys for keeping SQL servers secure and stable

In many cases, much of companies’ critical and confidential data is held in SQL databases. In this guest post, business tech writer James Harper describes three things database admins must do to keep SQL servers up and running and protect the data they contain. 

5 key factors for managing airflow in a server room

Any business with a server room has to balance the pressure to cut power and cooling costs with the need to keep IT equipment from overheating. In this guest post, data center expert Rob James explains how organizations can improve the airflow in their server rooms to control costs and keep equipment safe. 

5 ways to ensure your server room grows with your business

Businesses often run into problems when their IT infrastructure outgrows the area it’s housed in. In this guest post, writer Gloria Philips offers some advice for companies to design server rooms with space to grow. 

Energy saving ideas for smarter data center power

Data center power takes up a big chunk of the world’s energy consumption – and companies’ utility bills. What can IT do to improve data center efficiency? 

Software licensing and virtualization: 3 steps to minimize the risks

The benefits of virtualization are well documented. Still, there are some challenges – not the least of which is complying with software licensing rules. In virtualized computing environments, it’s easy for companies to purchase too many licenses, not enough, or the wrong type – in any case, noncompliance can cost organizations big bucks if they’re […]