9 questions to ask cloud vendors

A lot of companies are moving data to the cloud. And if they aren’t careful, that information could be at risk of being lost or accessed by criminals. 

As we reported earlier, many companies are leaving themselves vulnerable to the security risks of cloud computing by failing to properly vet vendors before they sign service agreements.

To avoid those and other problems, businesses need to ask the right questions before signing on with a cloud vendor.

Microsoft’s Mark Rowe recently shared what you should ask at the 30th Annual Current Financial Reporting Issues Conference:

Security: You want to feel confident that your data is safe in the cloud, so ask:

  1. Can other cloud users see our data?
  2. How do I manage who has access to our data?
  3. What controls do I need to securely move to the cloud?
  4. How can I prove to auditors our cloud systems are secure?
  5. How will I know if our data’s been breached?

Logistics: Knowing your data is secure is good. But you also want to know where it is, and if it’s even still yours. So ask:

  1. Where is our data?
  2. Do we own our data?
  3. How do we bring it back if we’re done with cloud?
  4. What kind of customer support do we get?

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