Case study: Finding the perfect cloud partners

Most companies work with multiple cloud providers these days, and have learned the hard way: They’re not all created equal. Where some excel, others have drawbacks that make them less and less appealing over time. So how can you find the best providers more often? 

5 ways to keep cloud vendors honest

Companies are more reliant than ever on their cloud vendors to provide outstanding service at reasonable prices. But all too often, that’s not what’s delivered. Here’s some strategies you can use to make sure you’re actually getting what you expect.

How secure is your cloud computing services provider?

When choosing a cloud computing provider, IT must be diligent about making sure the vendor has the security capabilities to meet the organization’s needs. In this guest post, Systems Analyst Vanessa Parks discusses some of the important factors to look for in a cloud provider. ____________________________________________________________ Businesses small and large are seeing a lot of […]

How to prepare for the real cloud computing security threat

Many companies are concerned about their data being breached in the Cloud, but there may be a bigger cloud computing security threat to worry about. 

Less than half of small businesses verify cloud providers’ security

Many IT security experts agree that cloud computing providers could be doing more to protect their customers’ data. But that doesn’t mean customers don’t have their own responsibilities when it comes to cloud security. 

9 questions to ask cloud vendors

A lot of companies are moving data to the cloud. And if they aren’t careful, that information could be at risk of being lost or accessed by criminals.