Worried you’re not accomplishing much in meetings? Boost effectiveness with these 3 strategies

Meetings are great for explaining complicated concepts and connecting with your team.

However, they can also get bogged down with minute details or excess small talk.

3 keys

Making meetings clearer and more concise ensures everyone understands what’s going on while allowing your team to spend less time talking and more time doing. Improve efficiency with these tactics:

  1. Run five-minute meetings. It might sound impossible, but shrinking the length of your meetings is doable. Make sure everyone’s limited to 30 seconds of talking, and cut out unnecessary presentations. This helps remove filler info and ensures your employees know everything they need to, fast.
  2. Don’t spend too long on tangents. After more than a minute or two on an unrelated topic, schedule another meeting to discuss it so you’re not sidetracked. Make every meeting count by staying focused on the subject at hand.
  3. Always have an agenda. It’s easy to get distracted and go off topic if you head into a meeting without a plan. Writing out an agenda helps organize your thoughts and hone in on what needs to get done today.

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