What to do when an employee makes a mistake – and you have to clean it up

There are many benefits to being a manager, but one of the downsides is that you’re responsible when one of your employees makes a mistake.

And in IT, there are a lot of ways to make mistakes and impact your whole organization.

Calm approach

It’s easy to get frustrated if someone doesn’t stick the landing.

But losing your head or hurting feelings should be avoided at all costs if you want workers to be comfortable with you as their leader. Instead:

  1. Don’t place blame. Even if you know who did it, focus on solving the problem and making sure it doesn’t happen again.
  2. Ask questions. Listen without judgment so you can figure out what went wrong and reinforce any positive choices the employee made.
  3. Help them fix it. Rushing in and taking over won’t help employees learn from their mistakes or become self-sufficient. Most of the time, workers will know how to fix their mistakes – only intervene if they’re truly lost.
  4. Investigate yourself. What could you have done better to avoid this situation? Is there a way to clarify procedures or training to avoid a similar problem in the future?

Info: tinyurl.com/mistakes488

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