What do IT employees want the most from their employers?

As more companies start hiring for tech-related positions, a lot of IT managers face the challenge of hanging on to their top workers even when competitors offer more. But a recent survey has some good news for those managers: 

Salary isn’t what matters the most to IT employees.

In fact, there are five factors that have a greater impact than money on whether IT pros stay with their employers or leave, according to a recent study conducted by Information Week.

When asked what was most important to them, the top answers given by survey respondents were:

  • That their knowledge and opinion are valued in the organization
  • The chance to be involved in setting the company’s strategy and goals
  • The opportunity to do work that is important to the company’s success
  • Challenging roles and responsibilities, and
  • The company’s culture and values.

Emphasize those factors

The surveyed group was made up of CIOs and others higher up the ladder in IT departments. Therefore, according to Information Week, those are most likely the same things that matter to the CIOs of the future — in other words, the most talented and ambitious IT staff members right now.

Therefore, keeping those people on the team requires more than just a competitive salary — IT managers should make it clear that the department is connected to the company’s success.

Also, managers should take the time to ask their most talented IT employees for input regarding projects and strategy, and make sure they’re being assigned challenging work that helps them learn new skills.

Of course, salary will always have some degree of importance for employees too, so it’s important to make sure compensation is in line with market rates.

That’s especially the case for certain groups of IT employees who are in especially high demand will see the biggest salary increases over the next few months. That includes specially skilled employees such as:

  • Cloud computing professionals
  • Big data specialists
  • Mobile application developers
  • Wireless network engineers, and
  • Web developers.

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