The top 10 IT Manager Daily stories of 2016

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From monumental security breaches to product announcements, 2016 has been a big year for technology and those who manage it.

So which stories were you and your peers most interested in? 

1. BYOD policy template

An evergreen favorite, we put together a sample BYOD policy so you don’t have to. Check it, then adapt it to meet your company’s needs.

2. Password policy template

Another classic, and something most readers still struggle with: getting users to come up with passwords that are both secure and able to be memorized.

3. BYOD: IT’s Security Nightmare or a Dream Come True?

The title says it all. BYOD remained top of mind for readers last year, and is likely to for some time to come.

4. Labor law changes could hit IT budgets hard

The Department of Labor was set to change the minimum amount you’d have to pay techs in order for them to be exempt from overtime. The law has been put on hold for now, but may be revived under a new administration if the pressure is significant enough.

5. Overworked help desk? 10 ways to cut the stress

Stress is certainly nothing new for IT departments. Here we suggested some ways you could help staff deal with the pressure they often face.

6. 10 tech skills in demand right now

Another top 10 list. Here we looked at all the skills that are making IT pros harder than ever to hire, and the roles that they’re being asked to fill.

7. The 3 biggest problems with password policies

Narrowing the field down to just three can be difficult. But this article shared why many password policies go ignored and what you can do to make sure they aren’t.

8. Microsoft’s new patching policy may be an IT pro’s nightmare

Frustration over how and when Microsoft patches its systems and products remains a big problem for IT managers. One such change this year resulted in a lot of confusion and anger.

9. 3 things every IT security training session needs

Training users is still a pain point for many IT pros. Here are three things you can do to help keep it from being the worst part of the job.

10. 2 ways CryptXXX is sneaking onto computers

There are plenty of alarming ransomware stories from 2016. This just happens to be the one that got most users’ attention (and with good reason).

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