Is there such a thing as too much communication? Yes — but here’s how you can avoid it

We know you want to keep your team in the loop about what’s going on, but it’s not always easy.

You don’t want to leave anyone out of conversations they should be included in, but you also don’t want to distract your workers by bombarding them with info they don’t need.

2 questions

Meetings and emails are two of the most used – and abused – tools in any office, and IT is no different.

The default solution to almost any problem is to call a meeting to discuss it, and almost everyone would opt to send an email rather than get up and talk in person.

But those habits could be negatively impacting your team, leading them to feel overwhelmed.

Before dashing off another two line email or calling a department-wide meeting, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Do I really have to call this meeting? Who needs to be there? What’s my desired outcome with this meeting, and who can help me achieve that?
  2. Do I really need to send this email? Could I just walk over and have a quick face-to-face chat about a new problem cropping up on our company’s network? Would it be easier to explain this in person instead of over email?


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