Survey: Careless mobile users more dangerous than hackers

The flood of consumer devices connecting to companies’ networks has led to increased security incidents – mainly because of user carelessness, according to a recent survey of IT professionals. 

That’s the message from a survey conducted by Dimensional Research and sponsored by security vendor Check Point.

No surprise here: The use of personal devices on the corporate network is growing rapidly, with 78% of respondents saying there are more than twice as many personal gadgets connecting to their networks now than there were two years ago. That includes 36% who say the use of personal devices has increased five-fold.

And it’s causing big problems — 71% of 768 IT pros surveyed said personal devices have contributed to increased security incidents. That’s mainly because of how users behave with those gadgets, as 72% say careless employees have been a greater security threat than hackers.

Specifically, the top factors IT pros blamed for weak security of mobile devices were:

  1. Lack of employee awareness about security policies (62%)
  2. Insecure web browsing (61%)
  3. Insecure Wi-Fi- connectivity (59%)
  4. Lost or stolen mobile devices with corporate data (58%)
  5. Installation of corrupt apps (57%), and
  6. Lack of security patches from service providers (53%).
For more information on the survey, download the report here.

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