Companies lose $5,000 per minute during data center outages

Obviously, no company wants its data center to go down. But just how much is lost during those outages?

In most cases, the costs add up by the thousands for every minute the outage lasts.

On average, data center outages cost businesses $5,600 per minute, according to a recent study by Emerson Network Power. That’s more than $330,000 an hour.

At the 41 data centers studied, the average outage lasted 90 minutes, for a total cost of $505,500 for each incident.

Of course, the bigger a data center, the more that will be lost when it goes down. The facilities studied measured at least 2,500 square feet.

Costs measured include lost data, lower productivity, legal and regulatory repercussions, and lost confidence and trust among customers.

You can download the entire report here.

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