Monumental shift: Google Chrome dethrones Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the dominant web browser since, basically, forever. But Google Chrome has captured a higher market share for the first time.

Chrome’s market share climbed to 41.6% of all desktop browser traffic in April, according to Net Market Share. In the same period, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer fell to 41.3%.

This fraction of a percentage point represents a lot more than just a few thousand users here and there. It’s also a shift in how security and privacy can be balanced when doing something integral to every user and business.

Reputations are hard to shake

Internet Explorer has taken a lot of lumps (and rightfully so at times) for not being secure enough.  It’s made great strides in this area, but the reputation is still there (coupled with the fact many users are on an outdated version which may be vulnerable).

Three versions of Internet Explorer that came stock with many computers still in use (IE 8 through 10) have all stopped receiving security updates as well.

And Microsoft may not have any long-term plans for Internet Explorer anyway. It’s making a concerted effort to move users to its new browser, Edge.

Compatibility issues

Of course users who don’t update aren’t the only issue. Many businesses require users to stay on Internet Explorer (and older versions of it, at that) for web app compatibility issues.

Regardless of whether you need to stay on Explorer for the time being, upgrading may soon not be a choice.

Make sure you have plans in place to transition any web apps to more secure browsers – or to replace these legacy apps outright.

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