Missing laptop? Your firm could be out $2.5M when replacing it

The cost of replacing a stolen laptop? $2.5 million.

Here’s what happened: An employee of CardioNet had left the laptop in a vehicle, which was broken into and the laptop stolen.

Medical companies have requirements they must adhere to due to the sensitive nature of the data they deal with.

So the theft violated HIPAA standards, and as the laptop exposed private medical information of almost 1,400 patients. On top of the cost for replacing the laptop, the company was dinged for violating HIPAA.

The theft had to be reported and an investigation launched, where investigators found that CardioNet had policies in place that dictated how users should be handling laptops. But none of those policies had been implemented into procedures users could follow or understand.

This is the first fine levied against a mobile healthcare company and the first settlement involving a wireless health services provider.

As your company adjusts to the rapidly changing technology landscape, you have to make sure your users are keeping up too. All mobile devices should be fully encrypted and there are procedures in place if devices are lost or stolen.

It can save you a bit of hassle and headaches down the line to take an ounce of prevention now.

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