Most execs fear the IT talent shortage

Many companies are hiring IT pros now– but they’re having trouble finding people with the skills they need. 

Most companies plan to hire technology professionals over the next year, but they’re worried about finding talent, according to a recent survey released by the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA).

Among the 1,700 executives polled, 63% said their organization plans to hire additional IT staff in the next 12 months. Optimism for growth in the IT department was highest among smaller businesses – 74% of small companies plan to hire, as do 72% of medium-sized businesses.

Much of that is due to growing confidence in the economy, as companies expect their revenues to grow and therefore plan to begin new projects in the near future and IT staff to support them.

Execs see IT talent shortage

However, there’s one thing that few executives are confident about: that their organizations will be able to find the IT pros to fill those positions on the team. Among the execs surveyed by TECNA, 69% say there’s a shortage of the tech talent that organizations need.

One of the biggest obstacles, according to the leaders surveyed, is that government groups and educational institutions haven’t done enough to train technology experts, leading to a shallow talent pool.

While that’s an issue that must be corrected at several different levels, companies can help themselves beat the talent shortage by expanding the training that they offer IT pros. That’s especially true for popular and emerging areas such as big data, cloud computing and mobile technology.

Many organizations need employees skilled in those areas, and there aren’t many of them out there. However, businesses can create their own tech experts by recruiting talented IT pros and then giving them training in specific areas of need.

In addition to helping recruiting trouble, more training will also help retention. Training is a benefit IT professionals want, and employees are more likely to stick with organizations that help them grow their skills and experience.

For help with training, read our earlier post on the five keys for successful IT training programs.

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