Survey: Half of your IT employees want to quit

Despite a lack of confidence in the market, many IT pros plan to search for a new job in the second half of this year. What can companies do to help keep them on board? 

Close to half (46%) of IT pros say they’ll look for a new job this year, according to a recent survey from staffing and recruiting firm Randstad Technologies. That’s up from 41% who said the same thing a year ago.

Those job searches will be conducted despite the fact that technology professionals’ confidence that they’ll be able to find a new position is declining. In this year’s survey, just 38% think they’ll get hired by a new employer. Last year, 42% said so.

One possible reason so many IT pros are looking at the job market: They aren’t sure they’ll be able to keep their current job even if they want to.

More than one-in-four (26%) of IT pros feel that they’re likely to lose their job this year. That was more than twice as many who said the same thing last year (12%).

IT pros in high demand

However, recent surveys of company leadership show that demand for IT pros is growing and that more companies are hiring tech workers than laying them off. The problem could be that companies aren’t communicating enough with those workers and making them aware of where the organization stands.

In addition, IT managers should make sure they’re taking extra steps to make sure their top employees know how valuable they are. Some ways to do that include:

  • Give top performers more responsibility — For example, let them take the lead on an important project. Just make sure no one’s workload gets too out of hand.
  • Let them boost their skills — Offering training in a new area provides a valuable benefit for top IT talent, and it lets them know the company wants them to be there in the future.
  • Ask for their input — Managers should always get feedback from employees about their jobs, but for top performers, it’s also a good idea to ask for their input regarding the department’s upcoming strategy and other big issues for the company.

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