Hackers threaten to wipe 200 million iCloud accounts: Also, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you

Hackers from a new organization, the Turkish Crime Family, claim to have access to 200 million iCloud accounts and are going to wipe them unless Apple pays a ransom. Also, I have come into a very nice bridge and would be willing to cut you a great deal on it. 

The hackers’ Twitter account, with 121 followers, announced that on April 7, 2017, they will somehow delete all of the information on 200 million iCloud accounts. The bridge is located in the Eastern United States and is in fair-to-good condition.

Multiple media outlets are taking this claim seriously, but as of yet, none of them have offered the same level of coverage to my bridge sale.

The hackers say they have 200 million accounts, but have also gone as high as 559 million accounts in some of their claims. For this, they request Apple pay them $75,000 in cryptocurrency or $100,000 in iTunes gift cards. I, on the other hand, am asking a mere $40,000 for the bridge or $50,000 worth of bridge gift cards.

The hackers have videos that they claim show how they will delete the accounts. Below is an artist rendering of the bridge.

Super real bridge

It’s a very nice bridge.

Of course ransomware is no laughing matter. But let’s just say this claim is probably exaggerated.

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