Do it for the ‘gram: 3 keys to Instagram’s newest feature


It may be annoying when your employees spend time on Instagram during work hours, but a new feature on the photo-sharing app could actually help your organization.

Instagram recently rolled out IGTV, which will allow vertical videos up to an hour long on both the regular Instagram app and on a standalone IGTV app.

Training & marketing

As more people discover IGTV, new ways to utilize it for your business may emerge. But to stay ahead of the curve, there are three key areas you’ll want to explore right now:

  1. Training/onboarding. The longer videos allow more detail about whatever training topics you choose. Plus, you can lay out the entire onboarding process in a more interesting and interactive way – perfect for millennials.
  2. Product demonstrations. You can reach out to consumers and show off your products in new ways, potentially reaching new customers.
  3. Marketing/advertising. Instagram is already a major source of advertising for many companies, and IGTV allows for a wide variety of marketing strategies.


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