Ensuring data security with third-party vendors

You know your organization’s security measures and data protection like the back of your hand.

But how confident are you in the other companies you work with?

If you work with outside vendors, sharing data with them is unavoidable.

However, you can’t control their data practices, which could put your company and customers at risk.

Similar values

In order to minimize your risk, make sure your organization’s leaders are thoroughly vetting potential vendors. Any potential partner should have similar strategies and values when data protection is on the line.

Within all of your contracts, there should be specific data protection measures and standards for evaluating those measures.

And if you’re governed by certain compliance requirements, your partners need to be adhering to those requirements too.

When possible, some pros try to retain data on their own systems and servers and simply allow outside vendors to access it, rather than ceding control of the data to those vendors.

Remember: Open and consistent communication is key to creating the best working relationship and keeping data safe, since you’ll have established trust.

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