Don’t press ‘send’ just yet: 10 things you should never put in writing

You know what should and shouldn’t be put in an email, but your staff may not be as aware of the risks.

Avoid these topics

Since emails can’t be taken back, you want to get it right the first time.

With all the email fraud and other complications that could come your way, you don’t want employees’ simple mistakes to add to your headaches.

Consider holding a quick training or reminding workers of these 10 topics that should be avoided at all costs:

  1. criticism of a colleague, vendor, customer, job applicant or consultant
  2. inappropriate jokes
  3. romantic thoughts
  4. frustration with a manager or the company in general
  5. gossip
  6. confidential company info you don’t have permission to share
  7. threats, even joking ones
  8. discussion of illegal activities (even the office football pool)
  9. job-search plans or headhunter contact details, and
  10. anything you wouldn’t want the company’s executives to read.


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