Confused about IT? Try these 4 strategies to explain complicated topics to anyone & boost comprehension

Public speaking can be a drag, especially when it comes to IT topics people might not understand.

It can be hard to get audiences engaged when they don’t fully comprehend the content, and that can mean a lot more time and energy expended on your part.

4 keys to success

The next time you need to make a presentation on a technical topic, use these four keys from The Muse to help understanding:

  1. Tell a story. Studies show people are more likely to digest content and connect with a presenter if they hear a story they can relate to, rather than just a list of statistics.
  2. Use visual aids. PowerPoint may be the most popular option, but feel free to bring in other visual stimuli like charts and graphs. If the subject of your presentation is hard to grasp, a visual aid can be the difference between everyone leaving well-informed, or confused beyond belief. And use images instead of text where you can.
  3. Make the talk interactive. Ask people questions and get them involved in your topic. They’ll retain the info and won’t spend the whole time on their laptops.
  4. Have fun with it. Bringing humor into your talk makes the experience more engaging for everyone.

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