Survey: IT plans to increase spending in the Cloud

Interest in the Cloud has grown among IT managers and finance leaders in recent months. And now it looks like more companies are putting their money where their mouths are. 

Most organizations plan to spend more on cloud computing in the next year, according to a recent IDG Enterprise survey.

Currently, 60% of businesses use at least one application in the Cloud, and 71% plan to increase their spending on cloud computing services over the next 12 months, according to the survey of 554 IT professionals.

Why are businesses moving more heavily into the Cloud? While analysts often talk about cost savings as the biggest benefit, survey respondents gave a different reason as their primary motivator for choosing cloud services: business continuity.

Cloud services allow companies to create server redundancies at a lower cost and with more ease than they would often be able to otherwise. That was the top business driver for increasing cloud investments, according to 84% of IT pros surveyed.

Cost does play a big role, however, as 64% of IT professionals said they believed that spending more on cloud  computing now will save money in the long term.

Despite the benefits, cloud computing does come with risks — 70% of respondents said security concerns were keeping their organizations from using more cloud services.

Businesses must also be careful in how they choose cloud computing services — otherwise problems with reliability and available could diminish any business continuity benefits the company hoped to gain.

One mistake IT might make is assuming the vendor will handle all back-ups and redundancies — that may be the case, but that also might not be part of the company’s service agreement. If it’s not verified, the company could be in for a rude awakening in the event of an outage.

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