Artificial intelligence can make your business safer

If your company works with sensitive information, you might want to listen up: A tool from Accenture could make your life a lot easier.

SCAML help

Here’s how it works: The Scalable Classification through Machine Learning (SCAML) tool can automatically determine the sensitivity of documents and label them accordingly.

This allows you to apply better data controls to ensure the info doesn’t get stolen or leaked.

SCAML sorts through and classifies unstructured data, no matter the format, so emails and documents don’t have to be manually categorized.

The tool also checks for key characteristics that would mean the information is highly classified or sensitive, like Social Security or credit card numbers.

With this and other artificial intelligence tools, your organization can monitor any sensitive data and develop the most effective ways to keep it safe.

Plus, you can keep an eye on what data’s most valuable.


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