Apparently, one thing can stop the U.S. Air Force: A system crash

Here’s a reminder that multiple redundant backups are absolutely essential. 

Recent reports have stated that the United States Air Force has lost information from nearly 100,000 investigations dating back to 2004. The reports indicate there was nothing malicious that led to the destruction of the database that contained the information.

Instead, a database that contained files from the inspector general and legislative liaison divisions became “corrupted.” Lockheed Martin, which manages the database, hasn’t yet said how the database became corrupted or whether any of the missing files can be recovered.

For the time being, they’re calling on experts to help recover the files – apparently two weeks after the problem was initially discovered.

Back it up

Multiple forms and services for backups are essential to staying safe.

Look no further than a recent report that the leading cause of information loss in web apps is accidentally deleting data. It’s not as alarming as hacks or data leaks, but it happens and it creates a real headache for IT pros.

Goes to show that if you’re looking for a robust backup plan, it’s not just about keeping copies of your information in case hackers get into your systems. It also means preventing against the age old problem of PEBCAK.

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