65% of orgs suffer sales delays from lax security

Keeping customer data secure is essential to maintaining your customers. That importance is never clearer than when concerns about privacy arise.

Recent research from Cisco shows that data privacy issues caused sales delays in 65% of businesses.

And those delays weren’t short-term. The average time for delays was two months, which can significantly impact your company’s revenue and ability to do business.

Stronger security

In contrast, organizations with stronger security protections experienced sales delays that were 80% shorter than those with weaker security measures.

It’s not just sales delays that can cause you to lose money, either. Poor security can also lead to costly data breaches.

This research shows why consistently searching for the newest and best security measures is well worth your time.

The stronger your security, the less likely you are to be significantly impacted by a sales delay, which ultimately helps your bottom line.

Plus, that strong security can get you more customers, since your current users know you can be trusted with sensitive information and may pass recommendations on.

Info: tinyurl.com/sales488

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