3 mistakes you might be making with your data center right now

The cloud has done a lot for businesses. But even with all the advances it brings, it’s important that companies don’t lose sight of the humble data center. 

This tool can be an effective ally in keeping your business up and running or the cause of a major disruption to your organization. And it all comes down to preparation.

Here are three things you should be doing now to keep your data center running at maximum efficiency.

  1. Get cabling under control. It seems so simple, but this is one of the often overlooked tasks that winds up causing huge trouble. Make sure cables are well organized, of the correct length and easily trackable. Hint: Put a color coded dot on the tip of each cable so you can easily see what connects where.
  2. Turn up the heat a little. Study after study has shown that companies keep their data centers too frosty mistakenly believing the colder the better. After a certain point, the added costs to your air conditioning bill isn’t actually doing anything to improve the data center’s longevity. Keep the temperature within the acceptable range, but don’t feel like you need to shoot for the lowest end (or lower).
  3. Make backup and transition plans. Chances are you’re storing more on site now than you’ll need to be in a few years. Start thinking about the plans for moving to an off-site location. A good way to prepare: Use cloud services as a backup and a tryout for when it could become the primary means for storing data and applications. If you’re getting good uptime as a backup measure, it could be that you’ve picked a provider you can be comfortable working with going forward, too.

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