How close is your staff to burning out?

While users will soon be returning to the office refreshed after a long break, there’s no rest for the weary IT pro. 

A recent Ipswitch Inc. survey found that:

  • 46% of IT pros were on call during the holidays, and
  • 56% were thinking about work even while they’re off.

The chief reason for this is that IT staffers are being called on to support remote workers more than ever before. And with so many employees taking work-from-home days around the holidays, that remote support becomes paramount.

5 ways to help them deal

Workplace stress isn’t to be taken lightly. It contributes to health problems for workers, burnout and lost time.

There are some steps you can take to be sure your staff doesn’t lose it this season:

  • Address the surroundings. Little changes in the office can make a big difference. From poor lighting to a noisy office, small annoyances can take their toll. Get these facility issues addressed to improve workplace morale.
  • Encourage time off. Make sure employees are taking advantage of their vacation days when they have them. Cross-training can help make sure that employees are able to take vacations without being called on for support outside of emergencies.
  • Recognize accomplishments. Rewarding and recognizing top performers is a great motivator. For best results, reward the entire team for meeting an important goal rather than individuals – that way, you’re less likely to miss anyone.
  • Spell it out. Make sure your department’s goals and priorities are spelled out clearly, as well as employees’ roles in reaching those goals. When employees aren’t sure what they’re supposed to be doing or what is expected of them, that’s when stress begins to take over.


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