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The changing role of the CIO: What it means for you

Anyone who has held the title of CIO or its equivalent probably won't be surprised to learn that it's undergoing a huge change these days. And according to a new study, there are plenty of challenges associated with this position as well. … Continue Reading

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Ransomware pranks: Surprisingly effective

When companies get a ransom note saying they'll be hit with attacks unless they pay up, some would rather fork over the money than deal with the fallout. Here's a reason that strategy may not actually be the best idea. … Continue Reading

10 tech skills in demand right now

While the job market for tech pros is strong, certain skills can put them over the edge. … Continue Reading

What goes into a successful phishing attack? Study has the answers

Phishing is the primary choice for hackers looking to steal sensitive information or infect users systems' with malware. But how is it that they're so good at these attacks?  … Continue Reading

Windows users: Time to disable QuickTime

Apple has announced that it will no longer update QuickTime for Windows users. That means it's time to relegate the software to the garbage bin of technology.  … Continue Reading

The industry at biggest risk of cyberattacks

Any company can (and probably will) be targeted by cyberattackers at some point. But which industry is most at risk of attack? A new study has the answer.  … Continue Reading