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Cloud security fears aren’t holding companies back

While most companies will admit to being fearful of several aspects of the cloud – and one could say, with good reason – the overwhelming majority are still going all out on cloud services.  … Continue Reading

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Google Apps for Work working for phishers?

Phishers may take advantage of a security flaw in Google that a hacker recently discovered. This could allow anyone to send emails that appear to be from legitimate companies' domain names. Here's how it works ...  … Continue Reading

The state of cloud migrations

With a vast majority of companies having at least one service in the cloud, migrations are nothing new to most IT pros. But what do today's migrations look like – and who's driving them?  … Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton has a very familiar email problem

IT managers have long dealt with employees who don't know or choose to ignore email policy. That's as true at small and mid-size businesses as it is at the State Department, where it's been revealed Hillary Clinton insisted on using her own email.  … Continue Reading

Which emails are most likely to be phishing?

When it comes to phishing attempts, anyone can be a target. The question is: How will the attackers try to fool users?  … Continue Reading

Worldwide cloud outages have users worried

Microsoft and Google took a little break from fighting over patches to have a shared moment of humility. Within the span of a few months, the two mega companies experienced prolonged worldwide cloud outages.  … Continue Reading