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Know who else shares passwords? IT depatments

Users get a lot of heat for poor password management, and it's mostly justified. But a new survey from Centrify finds that IT can be just as guilty of sharing credentials, if not more so.  … Continue Reading

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Even hackers can’t do p@ssw0rds right

Hacking Team, an Italian company that sells spyware to governments and other organizations has a real mess on its hands. And part of the reason for that appears to be it didn't follow basic password procedures.  … Continue Reading

Windows 10 could remove crucial feature for IT

Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be the final version of Windows. But in its effort to have a universal operating system, IT could be left with a nightmare scenario.  … Continue Reading

IT pros warn: Take hacking stats with a grain of salt

The number and frequency of cyberattacks may be seriously underestimated, according to a recent survey. Here's why that matters to you.  … Continue Reading

Sloppy IT storage almost turns deadly – and costs $4.3 million

When most people think about "IT dangers," they focus on security risks. But one organization's IT supply closet actually posed a serious health risk – and resulted in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.  … Continue Reading

Navy paying tens of millions to keep Windows XP afloat

Far too many organizations are still clinging to Windows XP machines – including a branch of the U.S. military.  … Continue Reading