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Creating better passwords (that users can actually remember)

Just about every day there's a news story that the age of passwords is almost over. Something – anything – more secure and easier to use is about to replace them once and for all. We won't hold our breath.  … Continue Reading

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When does a social media policy go too far? 3 keys

One organization decided it needed to crack down on its employees making negative and inflammatory statements online. It learned the hard way that those actions could have unintended consequences.  … Continue Reading

1 weak link may have caused huge data breach

JPMorgan suffered a huge attack last spring, and some new information shows that just one security measure could've prevented it.  … Continue Reading

Identities are cheap: That’s why users are a target

For users, having an identity stolen is an expensive, painful experience. For hackers, stealing an identity is barely enough to cover a bar tab.  … Continue Reading

IT and the holidays don’t always mix

The holidays aren't always very happy when you're working in IT. In fact, according to a recent survey, they can be downright miserable.  … Continue Reading

What your users really think about data security

A new survey finds users have a low opinion of IT. Nothing new, there except this wrinkle: Their complaints aren't about service, they just think IT isn't doing a very good job of data security.  … Continue Reading