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CEO Fraud: The $1.2 billion cybersecurity problem

The FBI has put a price tag on a security issue that's threatening to ruin businesses. According to their figures, $1.2 billion has been lost to so-called "CEO Fraud," a particularly damaging form of phishing attacks.  … Continue Reading

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Is automation costing IT jobs?

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Yahoo exposes users to malvertising … again

Some malware feasts on unaware users making bad decisions or stupid mistakes. Then there's the kind that fools major companies, exposing millions of users as a result.  … Continue Reading

Lifelock gets unlocked, company fails to protect information

This company messed up big time and made a mistake that could crucially hurt them.  … Continue Reading

Hackers target cheating site, leak information

These companies experienced an inside hack job that could potentially release somewhat embarrassing information about people that could result in a number of ruined marriages.  … Continue Reading

Google survey finds security pros, users don’t see eye-to-eye

You've probably already figured this one out, but a recent survey from Google shows that your security priorities and those of your users' often don't line up.  … Continue Reading