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Users, hackers are neck and neck in data breach damage

If you're like the vast majority of companies that worry about a hacker stealing sensitive data, here's a wake-up call: Hackers are only slightly more likely to steal identities than your own people are to accidentally put them out in the public for … Continue Reading

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How the latest ransomware threat is more dangerous than ever

Just when you think you've heard it all with ransomware, a new kind comes that changes the game again. This time, it's going mostly after hospitals ... so far.  … Continue Reading

IT pros saw salaries rise, but some still struggle

The results of ComputerWorld's annual salary survey are in. There's plenty of good news, but still some not-so-good to go along with it.  … Continue Reading

IT pros are split on whether they can trust their own security

Investments in security are only going up, but the returns are in question. According to Barkly, an endpoint security company, only 50% of IT pros are confident in their current security solution.  … Continue Reading

4 ways ransomware can get into your systems right now

Much of the conversation on ransomware revolves around what happens after an attack is successful. But there are actually ways you can prevent it in the first place. A good first step: Patch these four known vulnerabilities immediately.  … Continue Reading

Survey: Half of companies wish they’d trusted cloud migration to third parties

There are plenty of surveys out there that show companies' feelings on outsourcing versus keeping services in-house. But one recent study actually highlighted something more interesting – after the decision has been made and all is said and done, do they regret their course of action?  … Continue Reading