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Companies face inefficiencies, logjams in patching vulnerabilities

One of the most important jobs of any IT pro is keeping systems up to date. But with so many applications and services in use across the organization, that can be a haphazard process – one that leaves key vulnerabilities for attackers to … Continue Reading

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Ransom, SQL-injection, DDoS: Perfect storm hits company

TalkTalk, a British telecom giant, was nailed by a huge attack that incorporated DDoS, SQL-injection, and now, apparently, a ransom attempt to collect Bitcoins in order not to release the stolen information. It started (as many attacks do) with a DDoS that was likely meant to distract and overwhelm IT's … Continue Reading

The true cost of legacy apps: Inconvenience, policy violations

There's probably at least one or two apps at your organization that users just hate. The thing runs too slow, is too hard to operate or doesn't meet their needs in some other way. But the real bad news: That could be putting your systems at risk.  … Continue Reading

Dealing with negative attitudes in the workplace

Frustration can get the best of anyone, especially in a high-paced and hectic department like IT. And while it's OK for techs to voice their concerns, what do you do when it crosses the line to unhelpful negativity.  … Continue Reading

Users, IT pros disagree on IoT security

You can add the Internet of Things (IoT) to the long list of things IT pros and the average user seems to not quite see eye-to-eye on.  … Continue Reading

Is IT ready for wearables? Probably not

Remember two years ago when experts talked about how we'd all be using Google Glass to do work?   … Continue Reading