Yahoo exposes users to malvertising … again

Some malware feasts on unaware users making bad decisions or stupid mistakes. Then there’s the kind that fools major companies, exposing millions of users as a result. 

That’s the case with a recent “malvertising” campaign that affected Yahoo. The site’s ad network served up malicious ads that could download malware to users’ computers.

Think your users are smart enough to avoid clicking on those ads? Doesn’t matter. The malware was able to infect users’ computers just by visiting the site. No interaction was needed on their end.

According to Malwarebytes, which discovered the malware campaign, millions of users could be affected.

Even worse: It’s not the first time that Yahoo has been the attack vector for malvertising.

Staying safe

Usually, smart and safe browsing can protect users from malware. But not in cases like this one.

Instead, you’ll want to be sure that you have the proper technical guards in place to prevent malware infections. Your best bet may be to use ad blocking plug-ins and programs, which could prevent these ads from loading in the first place.

In addition, antimalware, although not the magic bullet many users hope, could be a helpful tool for rooting out potential infections.

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