Will fighting internal threats be your next budget nightmare?

Companies are used to shelling out for security against hackers and intrusions. But these days, there are some companies charging a king’s ransom to protect against internal threats. 

The reason: It’s clearly needed.

According to TechCrunch, combating internal threats has become a $6.5 billion industry.

Insider leaks, data theft and hacktivism are all partially to blame. Companies that have disgruntled employees or even dishonest users looking to make a buck could wind up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to these malicious insiders.

Protecting against insider attacks

The thought of one of your own people being the source of a security incident isn’t a pleasant one. But the alternative – being caught completely off-guard by a major insider attack – is much less pleasant.

Here are four things you can do to help prevent insider attacks – without investing in new security software.

  1. Screen candidates carefully. It’s no guarantee that a job candidate will be an upstanding citizen, but checking in with previous employers could help shed light on any issues that were hidden during the application process.
  2. Check the logs. Look over your logs to see if there’s any suspicious activity. Signs of trouble could include a user logging on at strange times, from outside the office, etc. Even if this doesn’t reveal anything suspicious internally, it could also be an indicator of an outside attack, too.
  3. Force password changes. Requiring regular password changes can help ensure that someone who leaves the company isn’t able to do damage after they’re gone. This goes especially for administrative passwords on things that may have gone way too long between changes or any shared credentials.
  4. Revoke credentials immediately. When someone is fired or leaves the company, their accounts must be locked as quickly as possible. There is just too much valuable information that can be pulled down in a matter of minutes otherwise. Make sure HR knows to fill you in on personnel decisions ASAP.

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