Why are businesses sticking with XP?

As we’ve reported before, many businesses are clinging to their copies of Windows XP, despite the operating system’s advancing age and impending end of support. What are their reasons for keeping the old OS around?

The question was recently asked in an article published on FierceCIO.com — and the response from readers provided some insight into why XP is continuing to survive:

  1. Incompatibilities between older software and newer OSs
  2. Cost — including not just the software costs, but also the price of hardware upgrades that a new OS will often require
  3. The “if it ain’t broke …” mentality — businesses don’t see the need to spend money to replace a reliable OS with something that may not work as well
  4. Security can be fixed in other ways — one of the common reasons businesses are urged to upgrade is to take advantage of new security features. However, many responses indicated that IT pros would rather keep XP and invest in other security controls.

Is your business still using XP? Why haven’t you upgraded? Let us know your reasons in the comments section below.

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