Where to focus disaster recovery plans

Planning for outages and disasters is a tough project with a wide scope. Where are the best areas for IT to focus its attention?

That would power outages and hardware failures. Those are the two most common causes of network disruptions, according to a recent survey by technology solutions provider CDW LLC.

Everyday power outages, such as those caused by thunderstorms or strong winds, were responsible for nearly a third (32%) of the network failures reported by the 7,000 businesses surveyed.

Next up was hardware failure (29%), followed by telecom problems (21%).

What are businesses doing to prevent costly network downtime? Possibly not enough.

Though 82% of respondents who reported network disruptions, said they had been confident in their company’s disaster recovery plan, 30% said they experienced times when the business couldn’t operate at all.

The top ways to keep that from happening? Among the businesses that are updating their disaster recovery procedures, IT managers said they were:

  1. improving network connectivity (30%)
  2. increasing remote access for employees (18%), and
  3. improving back-up power capabilities (17%).

CDW also recommends regularly testing (at least once a year) disaster recovery plans.

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