What your employees really want

High salaries may be the most obvious way to get applicants to want to work for your department and keep staffers happy in-house. But there are other perks they’re after, too. And offering just one might be able to boost the quality of workers in your department. 

Of course these benefits come with a cost, too. But if you’re looking to keep and hire the best, an Accountemps survey found that workers were most interested in:

Give the people what they want

Maybe you don’t have much control over some of these items. But two things you can probably put into effect: flex time and extra training.

There are a variety of free resources for improving skills online. Just allowing workers an hour per work week to explore these options and improve these skills could help them feel like your department is a place to learn, not just to put in their time each day and then leave.

Or, better yet, use your in-house resources. Have techs train each other on their skills and tasks a little bit each week.

This increased training could help with their scheduling wants, too. For instance, if techs pick up a new skill, they may be able to fill in for co-workers. When workers are cross-trained, they can fill in for each other and have more flexibility in their schedules.

What else do they want? Just ask

It’s entirely possible that the perks that these survey respondents found valuable are different than what your employees want. Even if they do match up, only 30% of workers picked the top selection, so there’s more than one solution to retaining and attracting good techs.

Three ways you can determine which perks you may want to offer:

  • Send a survey. Talk to HR or benefits to see what you reasonably can offer employees in the way of perks. Then send an anonymous survey asking which of the options they’d be most amenable to, and
  • Seek input. Ask workers what they’d like to see your department offer. You may not be able to grant every request, but if workers are selecting the perks themselves, they’re going to know their input matters.

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