What skills will you be wishing for this year?

The hot new gaming consoles or smartphones might not be what IT wants most this year. In fact the top of many IT pros’ wishlists could just be “a little help.” 

As departments are called on to do more and more (often with less and less), many will find themselves wishing for experts who can help bring their departments to the next level.

What kind of experts are we talking about?

1. Big Data and analytics pros

Without the right pros in place, a Big Data project could quickly end up being a big waste of money. Even if you’re able to get into the trend, knowing what to do with all that new found knowledge and data is no guarantee.

While IT has always counted on its workers to pick up new skills and pitch in wherever possible, Big Data isn’t even what would typically be considered IT’s area of expertise – it’s just another field that’s been lumped in with “computer stuff” and left to you to figure out. Experts could really help your cause.

2. App developers

Like it or not, mobile apps are the future for many organizations. And shoddily built mobile apps could be a real pain for your company. Not to mention all the security issues that can arise from apps.

If you want secure, useful and functional apps – and really, who doesn’t? – this is going to be a hot area in 2014.

3. Good communicators

Perhaps more than ever, what IT struggles with these days is getting the message out there. Executives tend to ignore security. Users may struggle with IT’s message.

Having techs and staffers who can put security and other IT concepts into language everyone can understand are valuable people to have around. Find them, and don’t let them go.

4. Help desk and support pros

Some things never go out of style. And help desk staffers are one of them.

These workers are the face of your department to the rest of the organization and the ones who get it done when it comes to the day-to-day running of your company.

Whether it’s adding new help desk techs or keeping the ones you have in place, these are valuable workers for any company.

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