What does the future hold for cloud security? Experts weigh in

This year could very well be the tipping point for moving to the cloud, if it hasn’t occurred already. But will the advances in adoption also bring advances in security, too? 

Ann All of eSecurity Planet recently polled several cloud leaders on trends expected for 2016. While the whole article is well worth your time, here are a few highlights:

  1. Targeting containerized cloud. Docker is the biggest player in containerization, a system that allows cloud apps to run on any machine in their own environment separate from other apps and services. But experts All spoke with predict that this could be an attractive target for hackers, and may mean businesses will have to work to fill in security gaps.
  2. Big Data worries. Since so many Big Data projects reside on separate apps, companies will need to have policies in place that better control security of the data itself.
  3. Merging security with providers. In many cases, it’s on companies to first decide on a cloud provider, then find a third-party that’s able to secure the cloud data. But one expert felt we could be approaching an age when security providers and cloud providers team up from the get-go, allowing for something closer to one-stop shopping on secure cloud services.
  4. Securing the endpoint. Ultimately, companies will need to focus on making sure their users are exercising the proper caution and security needed for successful cloud deployments. That means not just emphasizing cloud policies, but also tracking users and their access to data so you can be sure you know who is accessing data and to what end.


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