Is wave of new data-destruction ransomware the next NotPetya?

A new type of ransomware is sweeping across the globe, boasting 20 million attacks in a day.

The ransomware is actually data destruction, similar to NotPetya.

Researchers discovered that it’s a Locky variant, but with a single identifier – which means victims of the ransomware will all be identified the same and will not get a decryptor.

False ransom

The attack goes through emails, posing as various vendors.

One is a herbicide company, while another poses as a voicemail message that can be heard online via a link – only the link downloads the virus.

Barricuda, an email service that first started tracking the attack as its filtering systems picked it up, was logging an average of 1 million attacks an hour, and not every email was being successfully blocked.

To protect against this, make sure that scripts can’t run in emails by filtering .vbs files, so this doesn’t make it to users in the first place.

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