Warn users about URL typo scams

It’s likely most of the people in your company have made mistakes entering web addresses. Online scammers know it, too.

Though so-called “typosquatting” — buying up URLs matching common misspellings of popular sites –has been around for a while, scammers have updated their methods.

For example, there’s a new scam targeting Twitter users, Network World reports. When people mistakenly travel to Twiter.com, they get a page similar to Twitter’s home page. But the site tells visitors they’ve been selected to win a free iPad, if they just fill out a quick survey.

If users take the bait, they’re told they have to fill several more surveys and give away contact information in order to be entered in a drawing. That data ends up in the hands of sleazy marketing groups.

Warn users to be aware of this scam and similar phony giveaways.

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