Want to boost productivity? Give your techs a break

A recent study looked at employees’ productivity and had some surprising findings: Your people may need more relaxation time during the day than they’re getting. 

HRMorning has a rundown of a recent experiment at a social media firm, the Draugiem Group. Using a program that tracks how its workers spend time, the company found:

  • its most efficient employees took frequent breaks, and
  • those breaks totaled 17 minutes for every 52 minutes they worked.

The 17:52 ratio

It may seem like that’s a lot of time off. And it may also seem like time spent not working would hurt productivity, not improve it.

But this ignores a very important factor: IT is a very high-stress environment. We already know that IT pros feel lots of pressure and often leave vacation sitting on the table each year. And if you’re in an always-on workplace, that’s only going to make burnout more likely.

How to take breaks

Another very important takeaway: the way these breaks were taken. Even this tech firm found that time away from computers and technology was helpful.

Instead, things like getting up and taking a walk were more effective ways to recharge.

What it means for you: Even if workers aren’t at their desks throughout the whole day, that doesn’t mean they aren’t living up to their potential. And encourage your team to take brief breaks when they can.

It’s not necessarily a sign of inefficiency, and it could actually signal the opposite.

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