Virtualization, cloud help with backups and disaster recovery planning

Many small businesses struggle with backing up data and preparing their IT systems for disasters. But emerging technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing are proving to be a big help. 

Companies are turning to those technologies for a variety of reasons, but concerns about disaster preparedness are a significant factor, according to a recent survey from Symantec. Of the 2,000 small and mid-sized businesses surveyed, 34% said considerations about disaster preparedness affect their plans to implement server virtualization and use services in the public Cloud.

And those technologies have had a positive effect, especially virtualization — 71% said that helped them improve their disaster preparedness. Also, 41% said the same thing about cloud computing.

Companies are also turning to the Cloud for data backup solutions, according to a survey from Symform. While half the companies surveyed primarily use on-site network-attached storage for backups, 40% also said they’re currently using a Cloud-based backup solution.

More companies are also becoming confident that cloud services will help them keep their data safe and avoid losing information, according to another survey, commissioned by CA Technologies. Of the 300 companies surveyed, every one had experienced some incident of data loss in the past year. However, more of them are moving data to the cloud, and the majority (73%) believe it is well protected.

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