Users, IT pros disagree on IoT security

You can add the Internet of Things (IoT) to the long list of things IT pros and the average user seems to not quite see eye-to-eye on. 

According to research from ISACA, the Internet security nonprofit, 64% of consumers believe they’re able to control the information they convey through IoT devices. On the other hand, 78% of IT pros said the security standards to do so safely aren’t sufficient.

Other key findings:

  • the average user has five IoT devices in their homes
  • 89% of users want employees who handle their personal data to be cybersecurity certified, and
  • 65% of users worry about IoT devices being hacked.

From the business side of things:

  • 73% of IT pros think the likelihood of IoT devices getting hacked is medium to high
  • 72% say device manufacturers don’t build in sufficient security, and
  • almost half doubt they’re aware of all the Internet-connected devices in the workplace.

Time to take inventory

The idea of billions of Internet-connected devices coming soon may be a combination of optimism and hype by manufacturers and security companies. But the devices are out there, and even one that’s improperly secured or configured could prove problematic for security.

At the very least you’ll want to get an idea of how many and which devices are accessing your network, either through network scans or by talking with users one-on-one. Segregating user’s Wi-Fi networks from those containing sensitive data could also be a good step to take.

Ultimately, make sure your policies address how these devices can be used, either through an amendment to your existing BYOD policies or a separate policy on IoT and wearables.

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