Users bailing on XP – is your next OS move planned?

Businesses and consumers are deserting Windows XP in near-record numbers as the end of support for the operating system draws near. Has your business started planning an upgrade? 

XP lost 2.4% of the operating system market share in December, according to the most recent report from web metrics firm Net Applications. That drop nearly equaled a record 2.5% decrease that occurred in October.

The decade-old XP is still the most popular OS worldwide, according to Net Application’s data, with 43% of the market share. Windows 7 comes in second place with 37%, followed by Vista with 8%.

The accelerating decline of XP’s share occurs as more organizations and individuals upgrade in preparation for the official end of Microsoft’s support for the OS in April 2014.

Because of that impending end to support, those who are among the dwindling numbers clinging to the old OS are being warned by experts to begin planning for life after XP, if they haven’t done so already.

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