IT staffers ready to jump ship

Increasing workloads and stagnant salaries have a distressing number of IT workers looking to change jobs soon, according to a recent Computerworld study.

The survey of more than 300 IT workers at the end of September found that 69% had seen their pay freeze in the last year. The lack of raises coupled with a reluctance to hire new workers is making the job of many IT pros tougher and a whole lot less lucrative.

While the hiring slowdown may make it tough for those who want another job to find one, it’s likely that top workers won’t have much trouble finding a new gig if their current employer doesn’t make the job more satisfying and less stressful.

Doing that without a raise can be tricky. Building job satisfaction, however, doesn’t always mean throwing money at the problem. Sometimes, a lot can be accomplished with perks that cost the company little or nothing in terms of dollars and cents.

Flexible schedules and more autonomy in projects can help. Variety in assignments and a collegial work environment can also boost workers’ feelings of self worth and loyalty to the organization.

If you’re an IT manager, now’s the time to take stock of who’s likely to bolt and why. As the economy continues to improve, many of those who are starting to look around now might be inclined to jump.

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