The top 10 IT stories of 2011

From privacy and compliance issues to job satisfaction woes, these were the stories IT managers clicked on the most in 2011:

10. Court: Can’t fire employee for snooping on co-worker’s files

Accessing files and documents without authorization is generally considered a pretty serious offense. But as this recent court case shows, it pays to be careful before taking any disciplinary action.

9. Minnesota loses 75% of its IT staff

Many IT departments are struggling to get by with the staffers they currently have – they should see what would happen if they lost most of those.

8. Can company read personal e-mail sent at work?

Do employees have a right to privacy when using personal e-mail accounts, even when they send the messages at work? A recent court decision provides some answers.

7. Court: Stealing confidential docs was OK

An employee fraudulently accesses confidential company records, makes copies and hands them over to an outside party. She gets fired. Is the company the one on the wrong side of the law? In this case, yes.

6. Man’s home raided because of unsecured WiFi network

Does your company have folks who connect to unprotected home wireless networks with company devices? This story could teach them the value of WiFi security.

5. Staffer trashed boss on Facebook – now firm pays for firing her

Many social networking policies include a clause to keep employees from badmouthing their employer online. Here’s why that practice could run afoul of the law.

4. Network admin fined $1.5 million for doing his job?

A network administrator accused of sabotaging his employer’s computer system has already been sentenced to prison time — now he’s being ordered to pay a huge fine as well. His crime? According to him, it was following his employer’s policy.

3. Popular e-mail tool could lead to legal trouble

A common and seemingly harmless e-mail feature could be getting companies in trouble with the law.

2. New Facebook feature could be boon for hackers

Many folks already had big concerns about their privacy on Facebook, but a change in policy could increase the risk.

1. IT manager named most hated job in America

IT pros, especially IT managers, put in a lot of stressful hours, often for little reward and no appreciation from other parts of the company. But there have to be worse gigs, right? Not according to this survey.

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