What telecommuting workers expect from IT

These days, telecommuting has become the rule and not merely the exception for many workers, and a new survey shows it’s getting high marks on a number of fronts – but companies that offer telecommuting will need a lot of support from the IT department. 

Despite concerns from some managers, companies that allow employees to work from home are seeing a number of benefits — including, in many cases, more productive workers.

One recent telecommuting survey, from Teamviewer.com,  found that 50% of telecommuters feel that they’re more productive working from home, with 23% even saying that they are much more productive.

The survey also revealed 80% of Americans say that saving money on gas and having no daily commute are the biggest benefits of telecommuting. The money and time saved can be significant for a lot of people — 45% of American telecommuters said they cut between 21 and 50 travel miles per day.

What workers like about telecommuting

Other telecommuting benefits American workers said they enjoy:

  • Better work/life balance (cited by 53% of respondents)
  • Less stress/better health (52%)
  • The ability to complete household chores (e.g., laundry) while working (50%)
  • The chance to get away from office gossip (38%), and
  • The opportunity to be near children during the workday (25%).

The bottom line: More employees will likely ask their employer for the chance to telecommute, and more companies will likely offer it as they look for new benefits they can give without increasing the salary budget.

And the company’s IT department will need to supply some necessary tools for the arrangement to be successful. Here are the main things survey respondents said they expect from their employers when they telecommute:

  • Remote control of their work computer (45%)
  • Mobile access to their files both at work and at home (43%)
  • Participation in office meetings as if in the same room (40%)
  • Remote printing (40%)
  • Ability to work on a document through screen-sharing (38%), and
  • Face to face video communication with colleagues and clients (37%).

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