Users bailing on XP – is your next OS move planned?

Businesses and consumers are deserting Windows XP in near-record numbers as the end of support for the operating system draws near. Has your business started planning an upgrade? 

Windows 8 in business? Not for PCs, says researcher

Will your organization consider using Windows 8 for its fleet of PCs once that new operating system is released? Probably not, at least according to one group of experts. 

More people running Windows 7 than XP, report says

Many businesses are still clinging to their old Windows XP installations, but as the end of support for that operating system draws near, Windows 7 is taking over as the more frequently installed OS. 

Why business may pass on Windows 8

Microsoft has started releasing details about the upcoming Windows 8. And the early word suggests many IT managers may not find the OS to be worth an upgrade for their businesses. 

Keeping XP until Windows 8 arrives? Bad idea, experts say

Many businesses are planning to stick with Windows XP until Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8, is released. But some experts are warning that’s a dangerous tactic.

XP still running on most business computers

If your company still primarily uses the 10-year-old Windows XP, you’re not alone.

Easing the pain of upgrading to Windows 7 from XP

Most companies skipped Windows Vista entirely, and many are considering an upgrade to Windows 7 directly from XP. The process will definitely have some roadblocks, but here’s how it can be made easier.

Windows 7 now used on 20% of computers

The newest version of Windows has hit an adoption milestone that Vista never reached.

Switching to Windows 7? Virtualize first

While many IT departments are happy with the results of their Windows 7 upgrades, they probably weren’t too thrilled about the upgrade process itself. One way to make the ordeal easier:

Windows 7 service pack beta released

Windows 7’s first service pack is available to download, but the update’s not exactly a big shake-up.