Secret Service issues security warning for mobile users

The U.S. Secret Service has sent out a security notice for public computer terminals – and sharing that information with road warriors could help you keep them and your company’s info safe. 

Malicious WiFi networks could ensnare users

Free public WiFi is a godsend for users. It helps them avoid data caps and gives them faster browsing speeds. But a recent report shows how hackers could use it to automatically connect to devices. 

Infographic: Watch out for WiFi

WiFi is one of those tools that just makes life easier. It keeps you from paying for costly data overages and gives you the ability to work from just about anywhere. But free WiFi can be anything but if users aren’t careful. 

Key steps to keep wireless networks secure

As WiFi networks become more prevalent, vulnerabilities in wireless routers and other devices are increasingly being exploited in cyber attacks. 

Warn users about these 3 WiFI security dangers

As more work is being done away the office, more users are connecting company equipment to WiFi networks, often in public places. Pass along these WiFi security tips to help keep data safe.

Man’s home raided because of unsecured WiFi network

Does your company have folks who connect to unprotected home wireless networks with company devices? This story could teach them the value of WiFi security.

3 IT mistakes that helped bring down Russian spy ring

You’d think a gang of spies would have a pretty good handle on data security — after all, it’s their job to find and exploit security holes. But no, it turns they make many of the same mistakes as your company’s users.

6 ways to keep data safe on public WiFi networks

These days, employees want to be able to work from anywhere at any time. That can be good for productivity, but terrible for data security.