Is your website ADA-compliant? How IT can improve accessibility

In this guest post, author Jennifer Azara discusses why it’s so important to make your company’s website accessible for everyone.

The top vulnerabilities leaving websites open to hackers

For businesses, web security doesn’t just mean keeping users from accidentally installing malware. IT must also make sure the company’s own sites don’t become compromised and used in cyber attacks. 

The 10 most dangerous parts of the Internet

IT pros likely understand that websites featuring illegal downloads and other seedy items aren’t necessarily the parts of the Internet most likely to get a computer infected with a virus. But users may not know that, and that could impact their online behavior.

7 most dangerous websites users love to visit

A company’s own employees are a much bigger threat to IT security than hackers, a new survey shows. Here are top ways users threaten security – and why IT departments fail to stop them. 

Lack of a mobile website will cost businesses customers, survey says

Here’s one skill you may want to add to the IT department, either in-house or via a consultant or outsourcing provider: 

Top 5 website security holes you can fix now

A company’s website is often a prime target for hackers. Cybercriminals can use vulnerabilities in sites to gain access to sensitive company information. Or, they can hijack those legitimate sites to spread malware to visitors’ machines.  The good news: As awareness of the threats is increasing, websites are becoming more secure, according to a study of […]

Which websites most likely carry malware?

What websites are most likely to get a PC infected with malware? Hint: They’re the kinds of sites most users wouldn’t think twice about visiting while at work. 

Half of website administrators didn’t know their sites were hacked

Compromising legitimate websites is a common way for hackers to target Internet users. But site administrators often fail to discover and fix hacked websites. 

Symantec: Half of websites are vulnerable to attacks – is your company’s?

One of hackers’ favorite approaches is to compromise legitimate websites and use them to spread malware or steal data. Could your company’s site be vulnerable to that kind of attack? 

Which websites are most vulnerable to outside attacks?

Online malware isn’t just located in the places users might expect. Two recent reports show there are plenty of dangers lurking in sites most folks assume to be safe.